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Al-Qasr Engineering Consultants works in the field of design and preparation of engineering studies in the field of architecture, construction, electrical work and interior design, with the efforts of experienced and experienced engineers to develop those studies and designs ... as well as field supervision of implementation work ... as well as preparing feasibility studies For investment projects in accordance with the building regulations approved by the relevant government agencies. * Al Qasr Engineering Consulting Office was established on June 21, 2003 in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. * Classification of the office, at the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality Department - Engineering and Buildings Department:. (G + M + 8) * Office management is entrusted to a structural engineer by a doctor - with experience of more than 30 years in the field of design and studies. And university academic work, and accompanied by a competent team of engineers, technicians and administrators in the field of engineering consulting ... Our current and future vision: looks palace Engineering Consultancy Office to excellence and originality in architectural designs, and that is characterized by those designs, Boqnom charming settings interfaces, as well as the appropriate architectural spaces and achieved for maximum comfort and the reasons for happiness where .... Besides structural study bold and decisive in maintaining the largest Architectural space possible; With the selection of the most effective structural solutions, economically .... and in order to achieve the engineering goals of stability, durability and toughness; At the same time, the distinction of developing economic designs to keep pace with the accelerated urban movement in the United Arab Emirates, and contributing to the momentum of this remarkable renaissance in the country ... The adoption of the best engineering solutions in the fields of construction and architecture, is the goal of our expert team, when heading to the latest What is new of engineering science and applications in the fields of contemporary construction ... With the pressure of material expenditures ..... Office goals: "The beautiful and comfortable construction does not necessarily have to be financially expensive" and therefore we tend to develop the finest and best designs that suit different tastes And various visions in interior designs and space Architectural as well as in external designs and interfaces ... using the latest scientific and technical means in developing plans and solutions ... without increasing prices, or exaggerating the cost of projects ... so that we come to satisfy different tastes and at the lowest expenses and costs as well .. Our services include: - Architectural design. Interior design (decoration). Structural Design. Electrical Studies. Project evaluation and tender management. Calculation of quantities. Feasibility study of projects. - project supervision. - General site design and its implications

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