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1. RoK Polyurethane Top Coat 01 / 03/2020 Description RoK Polyurethane Top Coat is a two component, UV stable, solvent based polyurethane seal coat. It is available either pigmented or clear. Typical Applications o Top coat for Dr. Fixit and ROK flooring systems o Interior and exterior coating applications o Final wear & weather resistant coating on flooring and roofing systems Features o UV stable. o Sui table for exterior applications o Excellent abrasion resistance o Gloss finish improves aesthetic appear ance and reduces dirt retention o Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates o Available in a range of standard colours Packaging 4 and 20 litres Method of Application 1 SURFACE PREPARATION o Concrete and screed should be at least 28 days old with a maximum relative humidity at the surface of 75% when measured with a hygrometer to BS 8201 - 81. Moisture content of concrete floor must be less than 5%. Surfaces must be free of all contaminants and surface laitance. o All dirt, oil, grease and fats should be removed using proprietary degreaser or detergent as appropriate and the surface allowed to dry prior to further treatment. All construction contaminants such as plaster, fillers and paint must also be removed. o The surface must be free of laitance and defective concrete or screed. Laitance can be removed mechanically by either vacuum assisted planning, scabbling, shot blasting or diamond grinding equipment. Any weak or friable material exposed during the preparation process should be removed and repaired using a suitable Dr. Fixit repair mortar. The appropriate preparation technique should be chosen considering the site conditions and the profile created considering the material to be applied. o Immediately prior to the material application, all dust must be removed from the prepared surface using industrial vacuuming equipment. o Should a primer be needed for a pigmented top coat use RoK prime EPSF primer .

2 MIXING o Thoroughly mix Part A and Part B in their individual containers to redistribute any settlement and then transfer and mix together in a separate clean mixing container. Mix the material using a slow speed electric mixer for two minutes . 3 APPLICATION o Apply the mixed material by brush or roller at the recommended coverage rate. o Apply first coat at a coverage of 0.2 Litre /sqm, allow to dry. Apply second coat in perpendicular direction to firs t coat. For lighter colours, minimum two coats are recommended to ac hieve hiding. 4 CLEANING o Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with RoK Thinners No.1 . Note : o Application temperature of the substrate should be in the range of + 10 to 40°C. o Do not dilute with thinners or solvent. o Apply the material in properly ventilated areas. o When applying externally it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and avoid application during the hottest times of the day. TECHNICAL DATA Mix Density @ 25°C 1.10 ± 0.02 g/cm3 Solid % 56 ± 2 Pot life, minutes @ 25°C 45 Surface Dry Time, Hours 1 – 2 Tack Free Time, Hours 3 – 4 Hard Dry Time, Hours Overnight Complete curing time, Days 7 Gloss 40 (60°C Gardner) Semi – Gloss (ASTM D 523) Adhesion ≥2.0 Mpa (ASTM D 4541) (on primed surface) Abrasion resistance: CS - 22 /1000 gms/1000 cycles <100 mgs wei ght loss (ASTM D 4060) Chemicals resistance Good overall chemicals resistance (ASTM D 543) UV resistance 1000 hours no loss of gloss, no colour change (ASTM G 53) Solar reflectance index >80 For white Colour VOC Content <480 g/ltr ( Maximum allowable 500g/ltr )

2. RoK Polyurethane Top Coat 01 / 03/2020 Theoretical Coverage 0.2 ltr/sq.mt per coat. (100 microns DFT per coat) Storage When stored in dry conditions out of sunlight in original unopened packaging this product has a shelf life of 12 months. Storage above 35°C will reduce shelf life and product performance . Health and safety Precautions As with all polyurethane resins, work cleanly at all times. Skin and eye contact should be prevented by the use of plastic or rubber gloves, eye protection, barrier creams and protective clothing. Any resin or hardener in contact with the skin should be removed with warm soapy water or a resin removing cream. NOT solvent. In c ase of eye contact wash copiously with water and in the case of accidental ingestion, obtain immediate medical attention. Provide good work area ventilation. See MSDS for Further information. Pidilite MEA Chemicals L.L.C offers a wide range of structural protection and waterproofing systems

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