CPC Construction & Piling Corporation LLC

RAK 12838
    United Arab Emirates
+971 7 228 0334

CPC Construction


Construction Piling Company [CPC] is a vision realized through determination, dedication, integrity, ethics and hard work. We are proud of having a great deal to do with turning the soft sands of this part of the world into solid and resilient ground capable of holding great structures. Our strength comes from the safe and efficient utilization of latest-technology machinery and a workforce of highly trained and experienced professionals, with whom we always produce top quality foundations.

Construction Piling Company was established in 2006 in RAK as a foundation piling construction business. Since that time the company has continued to grow and expand.

Today, CPC is a full-service engineering foundation company with projects successfully completed in most of the GCC countries and with independently managed fully operational sister companies in Iraq and Lebanon. The Organization Chart presented in this document illustrates the typical company structure for each of the sister companies.


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