Lead Environment Management Services

Office 907, SIT Tower, Dubai Silicon Oasis
    DXU 341323
    United Arab Emirates
+971 4 333 4852
We also provide a Environment studies, Training and variety of inspection services to clients throughout in all sector Construction, Industrial, commercial, Engineering, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas sectors.
We at LEMS with our experienced assessors (Auditors) provide you with certification which provides value for your management system.
Many clients around the world have greatly benefited through our exemplary service.
When you choose LEMS as your certification partner you stand to gain monetarily in your business by our straight forward assessment.
The overall aim of certification is to give confidence to all parties that a management system fulfils specified requirements.
The value of certification is the degree of public confidence and trust that is established by an Impartial and competent assessment by a third party.


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