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* Required modifications to th [...]

Shams Al bawadi Insulation Systems, KASSEM GHATRIF
- 12/10/2019 07:50:00

* Required modifications to the warehouse and personnel work

1 - Modification and the possibility of the status of employees from the Vetro test to hiring to the end of business.
2 - Modify the working hours for employees and add Khan to the personal number of the Labor Office
3 - the possibility of modifying the personal files of employees in the figures of all data without the need to cancel the old data
4 - To show the salaries and salaries of each employee according to the entries entered before knowing so far there are no clear results in salaries and salaries costs on the sites so far and there are no reports of salaries of employees
5 - Showing the statement of account for each employee salaries and advances, discounts and overpayments and rewards
6 - the possibility of printing a list of salaries and benefits related to employees
7 - The possibility of knowing the balance of leave and financial entitlements for each employee per month and total format
8 - the possibility of printing and knowing the end of service benefits to date for each employee
9. The possibility of printing and knowing the financial entitlements for staff cancellations
10- Notices concerning employees in the case of proximity to completion, completion and renewal and in the renovation phase is not coincidental and there is no new there are a lot of renovations that have been made and there is no impact so far
11 - Standardization of pages and profiles for employees because there are additions in profiles not found in others
12. For purchase orders, remove the watermark and print on the head of the company. It has been sent to Safi before and has been modified but does not have a place in the system nor even invoices related to customers
13 - The work of coordination of the purchase orders and tables, special numbers of communication and places to be supplied and coordinate the form
14 - Maximize and coordinate the formations of orders and customer invoices also, so far, the customer has not been delivered any invoices of his own for poor printing and coordination
15. For supplier invoices, please include a box for the payment number for the product from the supplier company and the possibility of appearing in the receipt as well
16 - With regard to the exchange of materials from the warehouse to the projects to there is no amendment in the form required to know the stocks for each product and whether the possibility of disbursement or not
17 - for the disposal of materials so far, drainage is in quantities only and there is no value for the product and also please add the box related to the payment number
18. Show invoices to the site in quantities and value for each item and the total spent on the sites at the actual value of the product
19 - Show the entries entered in the invoices on the Dash iPod, so that each invoice is known to any site without the need to open it to find out which site
20 - Until now bills are invoiced to the projects once and are saved and then another modification of the Dash Board on the date again because the invoices write only today's date
21 - Please also show the materials discharged from any purchase order in order to know the remaining material orders
22. Reports for each product relating to and related to purchase orders
23. Reports on the warehouse in quantities and actual values ​​to date and each month separately
24 - Please link the work of each individual to the top management to see the special productivity and the remaining work for each individual
25. Add the date to the materials used
26. Add the materials used to the main site
27 - Work through the materials used and through the work confirmation confirmation of the warehouse and deportation
28 - Create and modify a new product.

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