ARKIPlan Engineering Consulting

B2B-N.CUN Partner
1301, Office Block, Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
    DXU 96763
    United Arab Emirates
+971 4 397 3553
arkiplan is an international architectural firm with a unique combination of enthusiasm and experience. With successful projects in South Asia, Middle East, Eastern Africa, USA and Caribbean, we focus on providing professional services to our clients through continued innovations for rendering comprehensive solutions. Through our in house team of international architects and engineers, we strive to meet every challenge and execute architectural projects that range from hospitality projects and institutional projects to commercial projects and residential projects. arkiplan's design philosophy begins with a commitment to outstanding design service. We believe that every project offers a sui generis set of challenges and opportunities, which become the guiding factors for our design concepts and processes. By embracing the individuality of each project, we open ourselves to possibilities that not only result in bespoke solutions, but also fully cater to the distinct requirements of each project. We, at arkiplan, strive to provide equal regard to factors such as the client’s budget, operational effectiveness, long term maintenance, environmental responsiveness and compliances. While creating iconic designs is our goal, our first priority is to resolve key functional planning challenges. We intend to incorporate architectural creativity in each evolving design solution. The success of our approach is evident from the project recognition received from satisfied clientele that we have built over the years.

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