PENEBAR™ SW-45 Rapid Concrete Joint Waterstop 30M/Carton

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1) Apply PENEBAR™ PRIMER by using brush at a minimum of 0.1 mm (4 mils) thick by 50 mm (2”) wide over the entire surface length to receive PENEBAR™ SW-45 Rapid. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 25°C (77°F) or, where the temperatures are low, allow it to dry for a longer time. 2) By using the heel of the hand and moderate pressure, press a bead of PENEBAR™ SW-45 Rapid firmly into position on the standing structure. Make sure the product has bonded with the primed area. 3) Where required, splice ends to form a continuous, uninterrupted seal. For best results, cut each end at opposite 45° angles and tightly butt ends together. DO NOT OVERLAP ENDS. Gently knead the spliced ends creating an uninterrupted seal. 4) Peel the protective covering from the exposed side of the installed PENEBAR™ SW-45 Rapid. 5) Follow standard concrete placing procedures from here onwards

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