Bituminous Membrane NEOFELT 4mm 1x10 m2

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Bituminous Membrane NEOFELT 4mm 1x10 m2
Fiber Reinforced Polymer Modified Bituminous Membrane

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Fiber Reinforced Polymer Modified Bituminous Membrane

NEOFELT is a polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane, manufactured from a mixture of bitumen and selected polymers, which are blended together to obtain good waterproofing properties. The bitumen compound also exhibits high heat and UV resistance properties. The polymerized bitumen is coated on to a dimensionally stable reinforcement core of nonwoven glass fibre carrier

Special Features

- Positive vapor barrier- Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.- High flexibility during application at sub-zero temperature with no physical strains- High malleability making it entirely suitable for difficult basement and foundation works.- High softening point allowing it to maintain shape stability at high temperatures.- Withstands thermal shocks.- Accommodates structural movements.- Resistant to chemical attacks


Used in one or two layers to roofs, foundations works, basement tanking, where high flexibility and malleability are required.


Where the membrane is to be laid directly on to a one-layer system on concrete, tiles or an existing roofing system, a coat of bituminous primer should first be applied and allowed to dry thoroughly.

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Fiber Reinforce Polymer NEOFELT 4mm 1x10 m2 

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