Extruded Polyestyreen Foam Roofmate 50 32-35 kg/m3

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External thermal Insulation systems

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• Excellent thermal conductivity .
• High compressive and creep strength (deformation due to compression over a long period of time).
• Closed-cell structure: minimal water absorption and high resistance to vapour diffusion .
• High resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.
• Resistant to ageing.
• Easy to work with and install.
• E reaction to fire classification.
• Does not contain CFCs.
• The waterproofing is completely protected, both thermally and mechanically, thereby increasing its durability.
• Because the waterproofing is installed under the insulation, there is no need for a vapour barrier.
• Easy installation means the work can be up and running quickly (work deadlines).
• When repairs are necessary, the waterproofing is easy to access.


Specifications for Extruded Polyestyreen Foam Roofmate 50 32-35 kg/m3

thickness 50 mm or 70 mm or 75 mm or 100 mm

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