Isomat Durocret Penetrate - Crystalline waterproofing, 25kg

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Repairing and waterproofing cement mortar with crystallizing

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 DUROCRET-PENETRATE is a pre-mixed, cement-based mortar, without corrosive ingredients, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It consists of special active

chemicals, which in contact with moisture and the present hydroxide of lime, react and form insoluble bonds (crystals). These crystals block the capillary pores and seal the

shrinkage cracks inside the concrete, so as to prevent any further water absorption. It offers:

• High compressive and flexural strength
• Abrasion resistance.
• Very good bond strength to the substrate.
• Simplification of works.
• Continuous protection of the construction from water presence as it remains permanent active.

• Excellent bond strength to concrete, under both positive and negative water pressure.

• Sealing of hair cracks with width up to 0,4 mm, even if they appear afterwards.

• Protection of the construction from corrosion of the reinforcement steel of concrete.

There is no influence on the waterproofing of construction, in case of damaging the concrete surface or DUROCRET-PENETRATE.

It does not affect the vapour permeability of concrete. It has a simple and low-cost application. It is classified as a CC R3 type mortar, for concrete repairs, according to EN 1504-3

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