Kanz CRESPLUG HB (Quick setting cementitious plugging compound- 10 Kg. Bag)

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75.00 د.إ

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Quick Setting Cemenetitious Plugging Compound

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CRESPLUG HB is a quick setting hydraulic cement compound used to instantly stop running water or seepage in masonry or concrete. It is ready to use and requires only the addition of water before plugging and sealing active leaks.


 Concrete and Masonry walls and floors.
 Stops active water or seepage under pressure through joints, cracks and holes in concrete or masonry.
 Interior and exterior areas for vertical and horizontal applications.
 For sealing cracks and construction joints in reservoirs and other water-retaining structures.
 Repairing honeycombs, cracks and joints.
 It is effective in sealing water leaks through concrete, concrete block walls, brickwork, earthenware and almost all types of stones and masonry.

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