MasterSeal NP 2 - Polyurethane Sealant

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MasterSeal NP 2 is a multi-component, highly flexible, high performance, non-sag, polyurethane sealant. It has been successfully tested for joint movement of ±50%. It is available in 40 colors using special MasterSeal 900 color packs.


MasterSeal NP 2 is the ideal material for high movement, vertical or horizontal expansion joints, to provide a durable, weathertight, elastomeric seal. 

Typical applications include: 

 Interior and exterior 
 Above and below grade 
 Water retaining structures (with primer) 
 Horizontal and vertical expansion joints in 
buildings and structures 
 Wide joints up to 75mm 
 Panel walls 
 Precast units 
 Aluminum and wood window frames 
 Roofing 
 Fascia 
 Parapets and vinyl siding 
 Store front assemblies 
 Parking structures 
 Jersey barriers


 Movement capability of ± 50% adds protection against unanticipated movement 
 Weather resistant for long-lasting weathertight seals 
 Easy to gun and tool to speed up application and make neater joints 
 No primer required for most construction materials, lowering installation costs 
 Wide temperature application range makes MasterSeal NP 2 suitable for all climates 
 UL listed; passes 4-hour, 4-inch, fire and hose stream test with Ultra Block or mineral wool 
 Suitable for water immersion with documented performance in wet areas
 Chemical cure allows for faster turnaround time 
 Bulk packaging results in less waste 
 Long pot life provides extended working time at elevated temperatures 
 Resilient seal withstands pedestrian and vehicular traffic 
 Non-sag formulation allows use in very wide vertical joints 


MasterSeal NP 2 is either a two component prepigmented system consisting of Part A, Part B. Alternatively, when the neutral grade unpigmented system is used, a third component, the MasterSeal 900 color pack is added. Mixing pigmented 2 component system: Transfer entire contents of Part B to Part A container using a spatula or margin trowel. With a slow-speed drill and a sealant mixing paddle, mix 2 - 3 minutes, and scrape down sides of pail with a spatula before mixing for a further 2minutes. Keep the paddle blade below the surface of the sealant to avoid whipping air into the sealant. 

Mixing unpigmented 3 component system: As above, add Part B to Part A and mix for 2 – 3 minutes. Before adding pigment, scrape sides of container to ensure complete mixing of Parts A and B. Transfer the entire contents of one MasterSeal 900 pigment can into the mixed Part A and B. Use a spatula or knife to remove all the pigment from the container. Continue mixing with a slow-speed drill and slotted paddle until color is uniform.


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