Weber Dry RBE (200 Lit)

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Rubberized bitumen emulsion protective coating

Weberdry RBE is a rubberized bitumen emulsion with
excellent adhesion to most building substrates. It dries to
form a black flexible coating.

• Waterproofing of wet areas
• Floors: to provide a sandwich membrane in new
construction or surface treatment
• Walls: Vapor barrier of cladded walls.
• Roofs: for the maintenance of many types of roofs:
concrete, lightweight screeds, timber, slate, asbestos,
cement and as a vapor barrier
• Can be applied to green concrete surfaces immediately
after the shuttering has been removed to act as a curing

Weberdry RBE membrane.
Is also used where a cold applied, flexible and seamless
damp proofing membrane is needed, such as:
• Shallow concrete, block and brick foundations
• Facades where a vapor/salt barrier behind cladding or
curtain walls is required
• Footings and other buried elements

All surfaces to which Weberdry RBE is applied must be
sound, stable with an even finish and free from dirt, dust,
loose debris, grease, cracks and holes must be repaired
before application of Weberdry RBE. It may be applied to
damp surfaces such as green concrete but not water
logged surfaces. Cementitious surfaces must be dampened
with clean cold water to facilitate application. Care should be
taken to remove excess water before application.
For hot, very dry of porous surfaces it should be dampened
with Weberdry prime WB coat before Weberdry RBE is applied.
Where subsequent coats are to be applied, the first coat
must be dry.


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