SAB® Tex 2000 Rubberized 15

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SAB® Tex 2000 Rubberized 15
High Performance Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Coating
Modified with a minimum 15% rubberized polymer content.

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SAB® Tex 2000 Rubberized 15

High Performance Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Coating


Is an emulsified bituminous coating modified with a minimum 15% rubberized polymer content. 
This high-performance emulsion dries to form a tough and seamless, flexible water and vapor
proof protective coating.


Can be used for a wide variety of applications, which includes the following:

· Waterproofing & Protective Coating on concrete foundations.
· As dampproof membrane in general construction.
· Waterproofing in wet areas such as toilets, kitchens etc.
  General vapor proof coating for both interior -exterior floors & walls.

· Cold­ applied.
· Single ­component.
· Easy ­to ­apply.
· Can ­be ­applied ­on ­damp­ substrates.
· Asbestos­ free, ­odorless. ­Non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
· Can­ be­ applied in closed or ­confined spaces.
· ­Low ­VoC.
· Resistant­ against ­chloride­ and­ sulphate ions.
· Good­ adhesion ­to ­most ­building ­substrates.
· Seamless/joint ­free


For waterproofing most building surfaces e.g. roofs, foundations, retaining
walls, swimming pools, planters, wet room floors, and water tanks etc.

It is highly recommended to apply a priming coat prior to the application of the
SAB® Tex 2000 Rubberized 15 coating on the substrate. The primer can be prepared in the site
by diluting SAB® Tex 2000 Rubberized 15 with 20% water and applying this diluted coat as the primer.
For very dry and porous substrates apply two coats of this primer. The
primer can be applied to damp or freshly cast concrete surface also. However,
it should not be applied on waterlogged or flowing water areas.

The rate will depend on the porosity of the substrate. The following coverage
rates can be expected when the coating applied at different coverage rates:
2 - 3m²/L/coat.


20kg pails & 200kg Drums

Store out of direct sunlight, clear of the ground on pallets.
Shelf life is 12 months when stored as above.


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