Seal Coatings Seal Thermal-Plast NT

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Seal Thermal-Plast NT:

Seal Thermal-Plast NT interior thermal insulation plaster is an acrylic co-polymer based incorporated with hollow ceramic micro-spheres, ready-mix one component liquid insulation plaster that is used in most interior surface as bottom or topcoat.

Technical Information:

Ready-Mix Thermal Insulation Interior Wall Plaster / Putty
Seal Thermal-Plast NT is a fine lightweight high performance one-component ready-mix acrylic plaster having Energy saving THERMAL INSULATION properties and is easily applied to most interior wall surfaces. Owing to having intensive amount of ceramic micro-spheres of vacuum beads, Seal Thermal-Plast NT works as an insulation barrier within the building whereby in cold winter it prevents heat loss from inner to outer while entrapping the cool temperature of the air-conditioned rooms in summer.


► Reduces internal temperatures
► Saves Energy
► Used as a decorative coating
► Class A - Fire Retardant
► Ready to use
► Non-toxic, water-based, low VOC
► Lighter than traditional plasters or putties
► Provides breathable walls with its porous structure
► Environment friendly
► Easy application
► Superior workability and application
► Excellent bonding to most substrates
► Lightweight

 Thermal insulating materials Coating

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