Sodamco Weber Dry 360 PU - White (25 kg)

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one component polyurethane membrane

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WeberDry 360 PU is a premium, liquid applied, highly permanent elastic cold applied and cold curing, one component polyurethane membrane used for long-lasting

waterproofing such as:
• Roofs
• Balconies, terraces and verandas
• Wet areas (under-tile) in bathrooms, kitchens
• Pedestrian traffic deck
• Old bitumen felts, asphalt felts, EPDM and PVC membranes and old acrylic coatings.
• Concrete constructions like bridge-decks, tunnels, stadium stands, etc…


• Simple application
• Resistant to water
• Resistant to frost
• Crack-bridging
• Provides water vapor permeability
• Provides excellent thermal resistance, it never turns soft
• Provides excellent adhesion
• Resistant to detergents, oils, seawater and domestic chemicals.


Stir well before using. Apply the first layer of WeberDry 360 PU by roller, brush or airless spray until all surface is covered. Reinforce the WeberDry 360 PU with polyester non-woven geotextile at areas, like wall-floor connections, 90° angles, chimneys, pipes, waterspouts, etc.
After 12-18 hours (not later than 48 hours) apply another layer of WeberDry 360 PU. (For any special or detailed application please to contact our technical support department) Do not apply the WeberDry 360 PU over 0.6 mm thickness (dry film) per layer. For best results, the temperature during the application and cure should be between 5°C and 35°C. Tools are to be cleaned before polymerization with xylene.


1.2-2 kg/m2 applied in two or three layers.
This coverage is based on application by roller onto a smooth surface in optimum conditions. Factors like surface porosity, temperature and application method can alter consumption

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