Velosit PC 222 (Pail 12 k.g )

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Plug cement & starter:

VELOSIT PC 222 is a flash se2ng cement for
concrete and masonry. The product is used to
waterproof water leakages and as an accelerator for
other VELOSIT mortars. It is especially strong against
negaCve side water pressure. Typical applicaCon
fields besides others are as follows:
• Waterproofing of punctual water leakages for
example in concrete pipes, water tanks and
basement walls
• Set accelerator for VELOSIT repair mortars

VELOSIT PC 222 is a shrinkage compensated plug
cement with very fast strength development.
VELOSIT PC 222 sets within 10 – 15 seconds.
VELOSIT PC 222 is immediately waterproof and
anchors itself into the concrete surface.
VELOSIT PC 222 surpasses the requirements of EN
1504-3 class R2 for concrete repair (CR) and can be
used according to the principles 3.1 and 3.3 acc. to
EN 1504-9.
VELOSIT PC 222 can be applied by hand or trowel.

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