Velosit RM 211 (Bag 25 k.g)

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Crystalline repair mortar

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Substrate Preparation

a.) Steel: Apply a corrosion protection coat on rebar with VELOSIT CP 201.
Other steel areas can be primed with VELOSIT PR 303 with a full broadcast.
 Steel may expand and contract differently under temperature changes than a cementitious mortar.

b.) Concrete substrates: Must be prepared with sand blasting, shot blasting or
 ideally high pressure water blasting to remove all bond breaking substances.
 Remove all carbonated concrete. Active water leaks must be treated and fully
 stopped with VELOSIT PC 221. Before the application of VELOSIT RM 211,
 dampen the substrate with clean water to a saturated surface dry (SSD) condition.

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a.) Trowel application: Mix VELOSIT RM 211 with 17 – 20 % potable water. The product is workable for 45 min.
at 23 °C. Apply a slurry coat of VELOSIT RM 211 by scrubbing material with a wet sponge into the concrete surface.

Trowel VELOSIT RM 211 into the slurry coat.

b.) Spray application: Use suitable spray machines. In mixing pumps feed the powder into the product hopper and adjust the water to the desired consistency. With mortar pumps add the mixed product as described above into the feed hopper of the spray machine and spray continuously.

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