Awazel AWATEX RBE 6500 Rubberized Damp proof Waterproof Bituminous Emulsion

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Awazel AWATEX RBE 6500 Rubberized Damp proof Waterproof Bituminous Emulsion is a top-of-the-line product that offers superior protection against dampness and water damage. This high-performance emulsion is the perfect solution for any structure that requires a durable and reliable waterproofing solution.

Manufactured using hard bitumen, special synthetic resins, polymer, and other high-quality ingredients, this non-fibered type emulsion boasts excellent adhesion properties that dry to a highly elastic, tough, black, seamless flexible protective coating. This means that it can withstand structural movements and provide long-lasting protection against water damage.

One of the standout features of Awazel AWATEX RBE 6500 is its cold application process. This means that it can be used directly from the container, making it a convenient and efficient solution for any waterproofing project. Additionally, it is non-toxic, ensuring that it is safe to use in any environment.

In summary, Awazel AWATEX RBE 6500 Rubberized Damp proof Waterproof Bituminous Emulsion is a top-quality product that offers exceptional protection against dampness and water damage. Its highly flexible properties, cold application process, and non-toxic nature make it the perfect choice for any waterproofing project.

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1. AWA TEX RBE 6 500 Rubberized Damp proof Waterproof Bituminous Emulsion Description AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6 500 is a high performance bituminous damp proof and waterproof rubberized emulsion, non fibered type, manufactured by using hard bitumen special s ynthetic resins polymer and other ingredients, it has excellent adhesion property which dries to a highly elastic, tough, black, seamless flexible protective coating. Special Features • Highly flexible to rsist structural movements • Cold applied, can be use d directly from the container • Non toxic and non flammable • Single component and easy to apply • Seamless coating which eliminates the Possibility of Irakage occuring due to Overlaps and joints • Resist the attack of chemicals and salts Uses AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6 500 is ideal to be u sed as damp proof elastomeric coating for all Concrete structures to withstand movements. Can be used as flexible waterproof coating for Floor and tiles, etc , also can be used as Protective elastomeric coating for woods and Metals agai nst corrotive attackes. Method for Application * Surface preparation: The surface must be clean and free of dirt, dust oil, grease. All the loosely adhering particles should be remove with suitable means. It is must moisten the surface just before applic ation but the surface should not be Water logged. * Application of P roduct: Apply a pri me coat by diluting AWATEX RBE 6 500 with 50% clean water if the surface need . For metal surface use AWAZEL PRIMER D 41 as prime coat. After drying of the prime coat, AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6500 can be applied by trowel, brush, squeegee or roller. The first coat must be dried when the subsequent coats are to be applied. The second coat should be applied at right angle to the first coat. The coat should be uniform and even wi th no gaps. Storage & Shelf Life AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6 500 should be kept in original packing in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight between 5 o C and 45 o C. It has a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly as mentioned above under moderate temperatur e. Coverage 2 - 3 m 2 \ liter \ coat. The coverage may vary depending upon the porosity of the substrate. A dry film thickness of 500 - 600 microns can be obtained while applying at a rate one liter \ sq. meter. Cleaning AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6500 can be cleaned with w ater before drying and with suitable Petroleum solvent after dried. Health & Safety No special precautions are needed as AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6 500 is a water based, non flammable and non toxic. Material in case of accidental contact with eyes, wash with plen ty of water and seek medical treatment, if required advisable to use gloves or barrier cream.

2. Dubai Office :Tel : +9714 – 3390600, Fax : +9714 - 3395095, P.O. Box : 37724, Dubai - U.A.E ., E - mail : Abu Dhabi Office : Tel : +9712 – 5548220. Fax : +9712 – 5548221, P.O. Box : 108483, Abu Dhabi U.A.E. E - mail : info auh AWATEX RBE 6500 Rubberized Damp proof Waterproof Bituminous Emulsion T ECHNICAL DATA Properties Typical Result Test Method Appearance: Wet Dry Dark brown emulsion Black Film Visual Emulsion Type Rubberized Visual Density , Kg / Ltr 1.0 5 ±0.5 ASTM D 4052 Solid Content , %Vol Min. 60 % ASTM D 244 Rubber Content , % 10 % -- pH , Value 7 - 14 ASTM D 129 3 Dry Time To uch dry 3 - 4 hours@35 o C Intercoat time 12 - 24 hours@35 o C (D epends on ambient temperature, humidity and layer thickness) Resistance to water No blistering or re - emulsification ASTM C 1202 Resistance to salt , Mild acids and alkalis Excellent ASTM C 1202:2012 Adhesion to concrete Excellent Elastic recovery Excellen t ASTM D 6084 Packing 2 0 liters Pail 200 liters D rum N ote : The above shown technical data are typical results obtained, to the best of our knowledge, from our quality control records, extra detai ls ca n be provided upon request, (AWAZEL reserves the right to alter the product specification without prior notice)


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