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Elastomeric Acrylic Waterproofing and Protective Coating

is a single component,
elastomeric, acrylic waterproofing and protective coating.

upon curing forms a tough, flexible and durable coating which is
resistant to UV and other weathering agents.

is also used to protect exposed concrete structures against
carbonation and chloride ion diffusion
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2. APPLICATION INSTRUCTION Application procedures may vary slightly d epending upon site conditions. T he general recommended guidelines for the application of the coating are as follows: SURFACE PREPARATION CONCRETE SURFACES Clean the surfaces which shall receive the coating of all dust, dirt, moss, oil and grease, loose particles, cement laitance and all other deleterious materials which will affect the adhesion of the coating with the substrate. Cracks and potholes shall be repaired with concrete repair m ortar from the ECOREP* range. METAL SURFACES Clean t he surface of all rust scales. T his can be achieved by wire brushing or grit blasting. PRIMING BAUCOAT WP shall be diluted with 20% water and applied as primer coat on the concrete surface to seal the pores and stabilize the surface. T he primer also functions as an adhesion promoter for the top coats. T his primer coat can be applied by a brush, roller or airless spray and allowed to dry completely before the application of acrylic coating. MIXING & APPLICATION Mix the contents of the drum prior to the application to remove any sediment. BAUCOAT WP can be applied by soft bristled brush, roller or an ai rless spray. When applying by airless spray then dilute the coating with approximately 5% water to reduce the viscosity of the coating. Apply the first coat of undiluted material at a coverage rate of 1 lt./m²/coat to get a Dry Film thickness of 0.50 mm. It is important to ensure that each coat has to be cured totally before applying the next coat. T he second coat should be applied at right angle to the first at the same coverage rate, to ensure a full unbroken coating to the substrate. For improved stre ngth and flexibility, embed a 65 g/m2 non woven geo - textile membrane whilst the first coat is still wet on all corner joints, fillets and pipe penetration joints. Allow the coating to cure fully for 72 hours to achieve its full properties. Caution : prolo nged water stagnation will cause the coating to be c ome soft and peel off. Adequate protective measures shall be taken when applying in water logging area PACKAGING BAUCOAT WP is supplied in 20 Ltr Pails and 200 Ltr Drum . COVERAG E 1 Ltr /m²/ coat for 0.5mm Dry Film thickness. Two coats will give a combined thickness of 1.0mm thickness. STORAGE Store under cover, out of direct sunlight, clear of the ground on pallets and protect from extreme temperatures. In tropical climate the product must be stored in air conditioned environment (<25ºC). Shelf life is 12 months when stored as above.

3. PRECAUTIONS As with all construction chemicals products caution should always be exercised. Protective clothing such as gloves and goggles shall be worn. Treat any splashes to the skin or eyes with fresh water immediately. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but call for medical assistance immediately . The re are no known health hazards associated with BAUCOAT WP . Clean all the tools with water after use. Hardened materials can be removed mechanically only. Allow the waste to cure. Seal it into a suitable container and bury in landfill as per the local regulations. Note: Whilst any information contained herein is true, accurate and represents our best knowledge and experience, no warranty is given or implied with any recommendations made by us, as the conditions of any labor involved in the application is beyond our control. BAUTECH shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of this product. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the product meets his particular requirements and to use it in a suitable way. Field service, where provided, does not constitute supervisory responsibility. For additional Information contact your local BAUTECH representative .

1. BAUCOAT WP Elastomeric Acrylic W aterproof ing and P rotective C oating _ __________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION BAUCOAT WP is a single component, elastomeric, acrylic waterproofing and protective coating. BAUCOAT WP upon curing forms a tough, flex ible and durable coating which is resistant to UV and other weathering agents. BAUCOAT WP is also used to protect exposed concrete structures against carbonation and chloride ion diffusion TYPICAL USES Used as waterproofing and protective coating for the following structures:  Sloped concrete roofs, metal profile roofs & asbestos roofs  Anti carbonation coating in car park decks  Protective coating on underpasses & concrete bridge decks  Protective coating on polyurethane foam insulation ADVANTAGES  Singl e Component, Easy to Apply  Protects exposed concrete structures against Carbonation and ingress of atmospheric gases and salts  Excellent UV resistance  Elastomeric - high crack bridging capability  Excellent adhesion to most of t he substrates  Good resistance to dilute acids, alcohol, hydrocarbons, chloride and sulphate ions TECHNICAL PROPERTIES ( The properties shown below were obtained under laboratory conditions ). Solid Content ( by wt) 50±2 % Tensile strength, AST M D 638 >1 (N/mm²) Toxicity BS 6920 NON TOXIC Hydrostatic pressure @5bar (50m) BSEN 12390 (part 8) No Leakage Elongation @break AST M D 638 > 50 % UV Resistance @100 [hrs ) AST M G 154 passes Crack Bridging ability ASTM C 836 >9.5 mm Application Temperature ) 5 to 45 Degree C Service temperature, [°C] - 20 to 70 - 20 TO 120 deg.C All values given are subject to 5 - 10% tolerance * Values achieved with 800 microns thicknes s


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