Dr. Fixit Fastflex 2 component cementitious

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Dr. Fixit Fastflex is a two component cementitious coating system for waterproofing of wet areas and any water retaining structures such as swimming pools and water features.

Packaging Powder: 14 kg
Liquid: 10 ltrs
Yield: 15 ltrs

Theoretical Coverage
1.0 ltr/mm/sq.mt per coat (DFT 1 mm). Recommended two coat applications.

Method of Application
o The substrate must be sound, clean and free from dirt, oil and loose material.
o Masonry surfaces should be fully cured (minimum 28 days) prior to application.
o All surface cracks, undulations and voids must be repaired before application using a suitable Dr. Fixit repair material.
o Substrates must be surface dry prior to application.
o Using a slow speed mechanical mixer and a clean suitable mixing vessel, slowly add the powder component to the liquid polymer and stir until a smooth and homogenous slurry, is achieved.
o Allow the mixed slurry to stand for 5 – 10 minutes before use.
o Do not dilute with water.
o Apply Dr. Fixit Fastflex slurry by brush, roller or trowel.
o Allow the first coat to dry completely for 6 – 8 hours before applying the second coat.
o Apply second coat at right angles to the first coat

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