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Dr. Fxit Unicem 3.1 is a two component acrylic co-polymer based tlexible cementitious waterproofing
Typical Applications
o Waterproofing in roof and balconies
oWaterproot lining for concrete water tank
oWet areas like showers, bathrooms floor and walls.
o Back coating of natural stone and mineral based cladding
o Non toxiC, suitable for use in potable water tank
o Easy to apply
o Flexible with crack bridging ability
o Protection against carbonation & chlorides
oEXcellent adhesion
o Excellent damp proofing for basement and foundation walls
o Seamless, high quality waterproofing pertormance
o Environmentally friendly.

20 kg set: 15 kg Powder in paper bag & 5kg Liquid in can

Dr. Fixit Unicem 3.1 Is supplied in two component units made up of a 15 kg Powder and 5 kg liquid
component. The entire contents of the liquid component will be decanted into a suitably sized mixing
vessel and the entire contents of the powder component added evenly with mixing with a slow speed
electric mixer for 2-3 minutes until a homogenous mix is obtained.

oSaturate the concrete surtace with water I- 2 hrs prior to application and allow to surtace dry.
o Apply Dr. Fixit Unicem 3.1 using stiff bristie brush or roller. Allow to dry for6-8 hours. Apply second coat inn
perpendicular direction of first coat to achieve1-2 mm total DFT
oItis recommended to use fibre rmesh reinforcement at critical areas and at all intersections of corner joints,
floor/ walls junctions, gaps, before the application of waterproofing membrane to ensure better
o Prevent trom rain until fully cured.
o Do not apply Dr. Fixit Unicem 3.1 over expansion or moving joints.

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