Dr. Fixit UniProof 4000 Waterproof Roof & Protective Coating

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Dr. Fixit UniProof 4000 is an improved, single component, UV stable, elastomeric waterproof
coating with anti-fungal properties.
Typical Applications
oAll types of roofs such as concrete, metal, asbestos etc.
o Protective coating over PU foam insulations.
o Protective coating on concrete bridge decks & underpasses.
o Protective coating for exterior walls, plasters, renders etc.

Method of Application
o Ensure the roof to be treated has a minimum of 1: 100 drainage fall to a suitably sized outlet.
o All substrates must be sound, stable and free of dust, dirt, oil and any other contaminants which may
impair adhesion.
o Mineral substrates must exhibit a smooth absorbent surtace profle, any spaled or damaged
Surfaces must be repaired using a suitable Dr. Fixit Repair material.
o Metal roofs must be tree ot rust and all txings must be securely tightened. All gaps between overiappng
metal panels must be sealed using a suitable approved acrylic sealant.
o All penetrations through the root such as pipework or ducting must be sealed usinga suitable approved
Sealant or expanding foam filler.
o Ensure detailing work is carried out on seams, splits, protrusions, fixings, drains, flashings, fasteners

Porous substratessnouia pe primeg witn penetrating acryic primer or uSing one cOat or Dr
minimum of 1 to2 hours hoforo cr e e primer should be allowed to dry for a
minimum ori to2 nours Deroe over Odug

All cracks and movement joints in mineral substrates, joints in root panels, penetrations and
abutments with upstands must be reinforced using a suitable reinforcing fabric set into a coat of
Dr. Fixit Uniproof 4000

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