Dr Fixit Uniproof 5000 TDS

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Dr. Fixit Uni Proof 5000 25kg
Heavy Duty Acrylic Roof Waterproofing Membrane

Typical Applications
o All Types of roofs such as concrete, metal, asbestos etc.
o Anticarbonation coating for car park decks.
o Protective coating over Foam Insulations.
o Water proofing coating for combo roof systems.
o Protective coating on concrete bridge decks & underpasses.
o Ready to use material, easily applied by brush, roller, and spray.
o Withstand substrate movement.
o Excellent UV resistant.
o Seamless, high quality waterproofing performance.
o Suitable for occasional foot traffic.
o Resistance to efflorescence and salt migration.
o Elastomeric & crack bridging ability.

Method of application
Surface Preparation
o Ensure roof to be treated has a minimum of 1:100 drainage fall to a suitably sized outlet
o All substrates must be sound. Stable and free of dust, dirt oil and other contaminants which may impair adhesion.
o Mineral substances must exhibit a smooth absorbent surface profile, any spalled or damaged surfaces must be repaired using suitable Dr. Fixit repair material.
o Metal roofs must be free of dust and all filings must be securely tightened. All gaps between over lapping metal panels must be sealed using a suitable approved acrylic sealant.
o All penetrations through the roof such as pipework or ducts must be sealed using a suitable approved sealant or expanding foam filler.

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