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A special waterproofing mixture of cements, aggregates and special organic/inorganic additives. Formulated to improve the osmotic effect penetrating in the concrete through its capillary system.

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1. TEC HN ICAL B UL LETIN Nº.: 83. 04 MA XS EAL SUPER CEME NT - BASED WATERPROO F COATIN G WITH CRYSTALLISAT IO N AND OSMOTIC PROPERTIES D ES CRIPTION APPLICATI ON FIELDS MA XS EAL ® SU PE R is a s pe ci al wa terproofi ng coati ng made of a mixture of cements, ca re full y control le d aggrega te s and s pe cial organic a nd inorganic ad di ti ve s . Its s pe cial formula impro ve s the os motic effect of th e a pp lic at i on a ll owing the penetration in the c on cr ete th ro ug h its capi ll ar y system . The produ ct crys ta l lis es in side seali ng, wa terproofing and protecting the concr et e st ru ct ure . It ha s been desi gned to be appli ed o n fresh or cured con cr ete, pre-cast concrete, conc re te block s, cem en t plasters but also suita bl e on bricks and masonry. ® · NON-T OX IC- Su it ab le for W at er p ro of ing i n c on fined spaces . Drinking water safe. · As a waterproof c oa t in g f or exterior a nd walls. · B as ements an d b el ow- gr ad e st ru ct ur es subj ec ted to positi ve or n eg ati ve w at er pressure. · Waterp ro of ing and protection of concrete foundati on s, ret ai ning walls an d f ou n da t io n sla bs .

4. MAXSEAL ® SUPER TECHNIC AL DATA Product characteristics CE Marking, EN 1504-2 Description . Mortar for protection of concrete . Coating (C). Principles / Methods . Protection against ingress with coating (Principle 1-PI / 1.3), Mois ture control with coating (Principle 2-MC / 2.2) and Increasing resistivity by limiting moistu re content with coating (Principle 8-IR / 8.1) General appearance and colour White/Grey powder Maximum aggregate size, ( mm ) 0,63 Density for powder, (g/ cm 3 ) 1,15 ± 0,10 Mi x ing water, (%, by weight) 24 - 28 Density for fresh mortar, (g/ cm 3 ) 1,85 ± 0,10 Application and curing conditions Minimum application temperature for substrate and ambient, (ºC) > 5 Pot life at 20 ºC & 50 % R.H., (min) 30 – 40 Minimum / Maximum waiting time between coats at 20 ºC & 50 % R.H., (h) 6 – 8 / 12 – 16 Drying time at 20 ºC & 50 % R.H., (h) 4 – 6 Curing time at 20 ºC & 50 % R.H., (d) - Mechanical load: covering with gravel, renders, plasters or t il es 3 - Permanent immersion 7 Cured product characteristics Density for cured mortar, (g/cm 3 ) 1,75 ± 0,10 Depth of penetration of water under direct pressure, EN 12390-8 (kPa) 850 Depth of penetration of water under indirect pressure, EN 12390-8 (kPa) 250 Permeability to water vapour, EN ISO 7 78 3-1/-2. Classificati on Class I: Permeable to water vapour V (g/m 2 ·day) / S (m) 340,22 / 0 , 06 Permeability to water and capillary absorption, EN 1062-3. w (kg/m 2 ·h 0,5 ) 0, 0 3 Compressive strength at 28 days, EN 13892-2 (MPa) > 40,7 Flexural strength at 28 days, EN 13892-2 (MPa) > 8,0 Adhesion on concrete at 28 days, EN 1542 (MPa) 1, 6 1 Suitability for contact with potable water, BS 6920 Su ita bl e Consumption* Consumption by dusting method, (kg/m 2 ) 1,5 – 2, 5 Consumption per coat/total application, (kg /m 2 ) 1,0 - 1,5 / 2,0 - 3,0 * These figures are for guidance only and may vary depending on porosity, texture and conditions f or s ub st ra te , and application met hod . Perform a preliminary test on-site to ascertain the tota l consumption exactly under jobsite conditions Scientific Waterproofing Products Pty ltd . A BN : 155 659 948 All rights reserved. Unit 4, 92 Bryant Street, PADSTOW NSW 2211 Tel. 02 9771 0011 PO BOX 694 PADSTOW NSW 2211, AUSTRALIA Fax . 02 9771 0077 Email: in National Hotline: 1300 303 301 National Faxli ne : 1300 369 932 DRIZORO Constructi on Pr odu ct s D

3. MAXSEAL ® SUPER Ap pl ic at io n con di ti on s Optimum appl ic ation temperature is 1 0º - 30 ºC . For summer or hot temperatures (>30 ºC ), we t surface w i t h plenty of wa ter . You can water s ur face even after MA XSE AL ® SUPER has been applied if it is no ticed that th e dry in g pr ocess is too fast. Do not apply when te m pe rature is below 5º C or if such te mperatures are ex pe cted within 24 hour s after ap plic at i on . Do not apply on frozen or fr os ted sur fa ces . Do n ot ap ply if rain is exp ec ted with in 24 hours aft er appl ic a ti on. Cle an ing T oo ls and equipment must be cl ea n ed with wa ter im m ed iately after use. Once MAXSEAL ® SUPER ha rdens, product ca n on ly be removed by m ec ha nical methods. CONSUMP TI ON Estimated c on su m pt ion appli ed by brus h, broo m or s pr ay is betwe en 1 and 1,5 k g/ m 2 pe r coat, for a total consum pt i on of abo ut 2 – 2,5 k g/ m 2 in two co ats . Poro us surfaces, substrate c on diti on s an d application m et hod can vary this es tim at ed consum pt io n. Applied by du sting on f re sh c on crete, estimated consum pt i on of MAX SE AL ® SU PE R is a bou t 1, 5 – 2,5 k g/ m 2 . Cong es ted re inforcing c an increase consumption up to 20 - 25 %. A pr el iminary on-site t es t will determ ine e xac t consum pt ion.. For further in f or m at i on , Sa fety D at a Sh eet of MA XS EAL ® SU PE R is avai la b le by r eq uest. IMPORTANT C A U T I O N S · Do not use MA XS EAL ® SUP ER if in contact with Ve ry soft wa te r, acid wa ter an d/ or carbonic water . If s ul f at es a re pre se nt, i.e. grou nd w at er, seawater or w as tewater, use MA X SEA L ® SUPER ANTI SU LFAT v er sio n. · In case of do u bt relat ed to t he k ind of water In contact with MA XS EAL ® SUPER , o r f ur ther inform at ion, c on s ul t th e Tech ni c al Department. PACKAGING AN D COLORS MAX SE AL ® SUPER is supplied in 25 kg bags an d drums . It is av ai lable in gr ey and white.. STORA GE Tw enty four months in bag s and thirtysix months i n dr ums res pe ctiv el y, in its or ig in al uno pen ed p ac kaging . Sto re in a dry covered place protected f ro m damp, frost and di rect sunli gh t, with te m pe r at ures ab ove 5 ºC. SAFETY AND HE AL TH MAX SE AL ® SUPER is an abr as ive com po und, s o protecti ve rub ber gloves and safety goggl es mus t be used to pr epare the mixture and apply i t. In case of skin c ont ac t, wa sh af fec te d areas wit h water and soa p. In ca se of eye c on tac t, rins e thoroughly with cl ean wa ter, but do not ru b. If irritat io n persists, seek m ed ical at ten ti on. Disposal of th e pr o du ct an d its empty pack ag ing must be carried out as per official regulations.

2. MAXSEAL ® SUPER · As a waterproof c oat i ng for c on crete block s a nd prefa br icated panels. · As a coating to waterpr oo f da ms and retainin g wa ll s. · To protect and wat er pr oo f c on crete in water treatment plants. · Waterp ro ofi ng t un nels and shafts. ADVANTA GE S · Suitable f or u se in co nt act with drinking water. · T he p en etra ti on inside c on cre te pr ov ides internal seali ng an d protective effec t. It seal s cracks up to 0,4 mm. · 100% waterproof c oat ing, even in pe rmanent i mm ersion app li cations s ub jected to h ig h pressures. · For indoor applicatio ns , es pe cially basem en ts , the co at in g r es ists neg at ive hy dr os tatic pr es sure from gr oun dw ater. · Can be applied on dampened s ur faces, being ea sy to use f re e of future maintenance costs. · Resists the corrosive effects of salt water and at mosp he ric pollution. · Long er lasting than paints and o th er co a ti ngs. · Once it s et s, c an be paint ed o ve r. It can be covered with c er amic tiles. · Allo ws v ap ou r di ff usio n. A PP LICATI ON INSTRUCTIONS Application by dusting and power trowel MAXSEAL ® SUPER can be dusted on the lean concrete an d th e steel reinforce me nt s . This procedure will not on ly protect the re inforcement itself but will prevent the rising dampness i nt o the foundation slab. The l ea n concr et e sh ou ld be da m pene d unt il sa turati on and MAXSEAL ® SUPER wi ll be du sted u si ng be tween 1,5 to 2, 5 k g/ m 2 . T he concrete of the f ounda tion sl ab c an be pou red af te r one ho ur , once MA XS EAL ® SUP ER ha s hard en ed and adher ed to t he le an concrete, end ea vouri ng not to da m age the pr ev i ou s applic at ion. T he application is per formed on the Fres h c on crete, af te r levelli ng , with e no u gh strength to be walked over, bu t st ill fresh en ou gh to da mpe n the s ur face wh en trowelled . The pr oduct is spread in powder form as suppli ed at a r at io of 1, 5 to 2,5 kg / m 2 , e nd eavouring to achieve a comp le te an d u ni fo rm coverage . The trowelling will provi de a monolithic wa terproof lay er , w hi ch can be sl ightly dampen ed to improve the penetration and to prevent an ex cessively quick drying, which would slow down proper hy dr ation of MAXSEAL ® SUP ER Application by br ush, broom or spray Mix just with water between 6 and 7 litres per 25 kg bag using slow speed drill (400 – 600 rp m ). Applic at i on s made at h ig h temperat ur e or s pr ayed, t he water r at io c an be increased slightly. For standard ap p li cations, MAXSEAL ® S UP ER can be ap pl ied wi th a fibre type b ru sh or broo m such as our MA XB RUSH or MAXBR OO M . Apply a thick layer to f or m a contin uou s and uni f or m coati ng ; do n ot spr ead as if it were paint, apply on ly in on e di re cti on , th e seco nd c oat s hou ld be spre ad in cross directi on. Co nsum pt ion is be tween 1 a nd 1,5 k g/ m 2 per coat, for a total consum pt ion of about 2 – 2 ,5 k g/ m 2 . Waiti ng time be twe en co at s is from 6 – 8 ho ur s minimum to 24 hours m ax imum. It can be al so sprayed by m ea ns of a sh ot creti ng equipment . For applications made by s pr ay wh ic h will later be subjec te d to water pressure, and i n order to ensure a complete coverage of the surface, it is recommended to slide the broom over the material which has just been sprayed. Singu la r spots such as columns, penetrating pi pe s, corners, concrete joints, and ex pan sion jo i nt s should be treated an d seal ed accordingl y.


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