RAKAM 102 RAK Tile Fix HB

Public Channel / Data Sheets

RAK TILE FIX-HB is a polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive. Iit is supplied as grey
or white coloured powder. It is water resistant and does not contain fiber, asbestos &
other harmful components.

RAK TILE FX-HB is used for fixing of
ceramic tiles in interior and exterior
applications especially to those exposed
to permanently wet condition.
It may be suitable for use in
Institutional Kitchen
Shower rooms
Swimming pools
Ceramic, vitrified tiles, granite floors

Appearance Powder
Color Grey or White
Dry Density 1.55 kg/L
Wet Density 1.70 kg/L
VOC 27 g/L
Water resistance excellent
Slip resistance excellent
Open Time Approx. 20 minutes
Workable Time 45 minutes
Wall Grouting After 10 hours
Floor Grouting After 24 hours
Shear Strength 1.6 N/mm2
(ANSI 118.4-1992)

Adhesion Strength EN 1348)
Initial adhesion at 28days 1.5 N/mm2
Adhesion after heat 0.95 N/mm2
Adhesion after water immersion 1.1 N/mm2
Adhesion after Freeze thaw cycle 1.00 Nmm2
All values are subject to 5-10 % tolerance

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