RAKAM 207 RAK Epoxy Grout

Public Channel / Data Sheets

(Epoxy Tile Grout)

RAK EPOXY TILE GROUT is a high performance epoxy 3 part system grout for grouting
paviours, ceramic and acid resistant tiles, in medium and heavy duty corrosive and
hygenic environments.


RAK Epoxy Grout is an ideal material to
grout wherever a high degree of chemical
resistance and excellent mechanical
properties are required.


Non absorbent, easy to clean and hygienic in service.
Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and acids
Impermeable: resistant to staining and absorption when permanently immersed in water.
Will not support bacterial growth in kitchens, swimming pools etc.
Non-tainting and non toxic: can be used in most areas where drink and foodstuffs are processed
Excellent adhesion to most commonly encountered building substrates and materials
Excellent proven performance
Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications in interior and exterior locations.


Store under cover out of direct sunlight and
protect from extremes of tempreture. In
tropical climates the product must be stored
in an air conditioned environment. Shelf life
is 12 months in unopened conatainers stored
as above.


Coverage rates are dependent on the
specified tile or
paviour dimensions. Approximately 3-4
m/kg. All calculated usages assume
constant thickness on a regular
substrate. Failure to achieve the required
surface will lead to additional material
being used.


Available in 5 kg pack 3 part system

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