RAKAM 503 rak stucco putty

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(Interior Stucco Putty)

A poly-vinyl acetate ready mixed putty. designed for flling minor cracks, small dents,
voids, air-holes and eliminating surface imperfections, recommended for use on
interior concrete and plaster surfaces, to give a fine and smooth surface.

Main Features

Can be applied directly on to the surface.
Ease of application.
Easy to sand when dry.
Non-sagging properties at high film
Excellent filling properties.
Good adhesive strength.

The surface should be sound, dry and clean,
free from dirt, oil, grease, and loose paint, or powdery material.

New Surfaces

1. Sand the surface until completely smooth,
removes all the dust.
2. If the surface is to0 much dry, the surface should
be wetted with clean water
3. Apply one coat of RAK Primer Sealer or RAK Latex Sealer,
if the surface is too much porous.
4. Apply 1-2 Coats of RAK Wall Putty
5. After drying, sand the putty and clean the surface.

Tools -- Spatula, Trowel or Putty Knife.

Thinner -- No thinning required (ready for use)


RAKAM Primer Sealer
RAKAM Undercoat

Color -- White
Packaging -- 28 Kg./drum,5 Kg/gallon

Physical Specification

Specifte gravity -- Aoprox. 1.75 gic
Solid by weight -- Approx. 72%
Coverage rate -- 05-1.0 Ko/ M depending on surface condition

Dry flim thickness -- max 1 mm
Shelf itfe -- 1 Year
Fiash point -- Not applicable
Finish -- Matt

Drying time at 25 C -- Surface dry approx 1 hour
-- Hard dry approx. 2 hours
Next coat can be applied after 4 hours..

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